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Total Drama News is a wiki based on Total Drama and well, news!

Here are the managers so far:



4 of the new cast.Sam, Zoey, B and Lightening


Anne-Maria yelling at Brick and Cameron

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Dakota, B, Zoey, Scott, Dawn, Staci, Sam, Lightening,

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Total Drama.

We plan on giving you guys the best news and the latest.

Right now, we are focusing on Total Drama Revenge of the Island

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But there's something even cooler! The 5th season EXISTS! It will come out sometime during 2012 and it will be the longest season yet! All the old characters from Total Drama:The Island will come back together with the 12 new characters from Total Drama:Revenge of the Island for the final season. Now we've got some news but we can't tell you too much. For all Courtney fans... there will be a big surprise for you all to do with courtney and somebody else.

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