Total Drama Revenge of the Island is the confirmed name for Total Drama Season 4. The old name was Total

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

The logo for this season

Genre Comedy / Animation / Drama / Action
Created by Jennifer Pertsch

Tom McGillis

Developed by Fresh TV Inc. / Teletoon
Directed by Keith Oliver

Chad Hicks Mark Thornton Todd Kauffman

Presented by Teletoon / Fresh TV
Voices of Christian Potenza as ChrisClé Bennett as ChefBrian Froud

Cory Doran Jon Cor Laurie Elliot

Opening theme I Wanna be Famous
Ending theme I Wanna be Famous Instrumental
Country of origin Canada
Language(s) English
No. of seasons Fourth season of the Total Drama series
No. of episodes 13 (List of episodes)
Running time TBA
Original channel Teletoon (Canada)Cartoon Network (United States)Disney XD (United Kingdom)

TV2 (New Zealand)

Original airing 2011 (Canada)

Summer 2011 (U.S.) 2011 (Australia) 2011 (New Zealand) TBA (United Kingdom)

Preceded by Total Drama World Tour

Drama Reloaded, but was changed to this. The logo has been confirmed. There are going to new characters on it and there will be 13 episodes (shortest season yet).

Characters Edit

Unlike previous seasons, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island only features a new set of characters which are Lightning, Cameron, Mike, Jo, Scott, Dakota, Zoey, Staci, B, Ann Maria, Dawn, Sam and Brick. Ann Maria is a tall and slight overweight girl who is a parody of Snooki from the show Jersey Shore. B is an African American who is very strong and smart, but can be shy when it comes to social conversations. Brick is a rude and rambunctious rebel who comes from the Armed Forces. Cameron is the main "nerd" or "geek" of the show. He and Sam are the only two people who wear glasses, and his appearance is very similar to Cody's. Dakota is a girl who is hungry for fame. She does anything she can to get famous, but she always fails. It is rumored that she could be the next Heather. Dawn is a reassuring girl who used to be a therapist. She talks with a soft voice and often looks at the "bright side" of things. Jo is an athletic female who is very tough and similar to Eva. Her vicious demeanor is a reasons she does not have many friends. Lightning is also athletic, like Tyler. He is an over-achiever, which means he always does more than what is asked. Mike unfortunately has a disorder which makes him have multiple personalities. It is rumored that he may not have any friends. Sam is a generous prankster who obviously loves to pull pranks on people. Throughout the series, you will see him pulling pranks on the other contestants. Scott is a devious male who will do anything to win. He is sort of like the "male Heather." He will form many alliances throughout the show. Staci is a compulsive girl, and is usually known best for her lies. She loves to eat, which makes her slightly overweight. Zoey is a fun-loving female who tries to be friends with everyone around her. Her personality is similar to Lindsay's.

Elimination Table and TeamsEdit

Place[1] Name[2] Team[3] Episodes
1 B 2 Heather 3 Sam 4 Cameron 5 Jo 6 Geoff 7 Duncan 8 Lightning 9 Gwen Merge 10 Owen 11 Dawn 12 Recap

13 Zoey


Runner - Up Bridgette Island Out
10 Cameron Revenge Out
8 Geoff Island Out
7 Duncan Island Out
3 Dawn Revenge Out
5 Gwen Island Out
12 Heather Island Out
11 Sam Revenge Out
4 Owen Island Out
13 B Revenge Out
6 Lightning Revenge Out
9 Jo Revenge Out
Winner Zoey Revenge Winner

[edit]Table KeyEdit

Section Box Description
Winners 1st This camper won first place and the million dollars.
2nd This camper was the runner-up.
Genders Name This camper's gender is male.
Name This camper's gender is female.
Teams Island This camper belongs to the Mutant Maggots.
Revenge This camper belongs to the Radioactive Rats.
Challenges WIN This camper won the challenge for their team.
WIN This camper won the challenge for themselves only.
WIN This camper was on the winning team.
Status IN This camper is still competing as of that episode.
LOW This camper was second to being eliminated.
Eliminations OUT This camper was voted off.
OUT This camper was eliminated via the challenge.
OUT This camper was voted off by accident.
LEFT This camper left the show by choice.
2012 Qualifiers This camper met the qualifications to advance to the next season and join the original cast.
This camper did not meet the qualifications and does not advance to the next season.
Other This camper was inactive during the episode.