The picture is the character's concepts. The concepts were drawn by the editors

TDR Elimination 1

Total Drama Revenge of the Island Concepts. These concepts are not real

and animators and are no longer real. They have been edited completely and some of their names have been changed. Brick (BOTTOM, LAST RIGHT) is the only concept that will be used in the show. The others will not be used. Jo (TOP, LAST RIGHT) was originally Mary, but was changed to Jo. Zoey (TOP, 2ND LEFT) is the character with the most edits and changes. She used to have glasses, but her glasses were removed. Then, she was edited completely. Basically, this picture is not real. They first started out with black bars over their eyes and their names blurred before their eyes and names were confirmed. Soon they were confirmed. Soon, they were confirmed to be a fake and were going to be edited straight away.